Join The Glow Crew

Calling Kids and Adults EVERYWHERE!!!

The Glow Campaign is all about creating brighter futures for kids. It is a crazy big goal, we know. In fact, it is an all-hands-on-deck kind of mission. And that is why we need you! You know how excited you are when you get an invitation to a birthday party from a good friend? This invitation is even better than that. We promise.

This isn’t an invitation to a one-time event, but an invitation to join a movement of kids (ahem…and adults) coming together to help others. How fun is that?


  • Secret Missions every month – each month you will get an email containing your secret mission for the month. Glow Crew members will then carry out this secret mission in their own location. Your mission might be writing a kind note to a kid who is unpopular at school or donating some of your toys to kids in need in your community. Whatever it is, we promise you will have fun & make a difference.
  • Occasional news and update emails from Sophie & Ana.
  • The chance to be a part of something really cool. Like cooler than Arondale was when Elsa accidentally froze  it with her magic powers in Frozen. 






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