Thank You!!!



Wowzers! You guys are amazing. Just a few days ago we launched our first project – raising money to purchase medical supplies for orphanages in Burundi. And guess what??? Within 48 hours we met and exceeded our goal of $500.

Thanks to all you who gave and shared our project on social media, we will be sending a check to International Child Foundation for $550. They are the agency who is taking a team of doctors this fall into Burundi to evaluate children living in shelters.

In a nation like Burundi, that money will go a long way. Do you like pictures? We love pictures. Here are a few of Burundi so you can see what it is like there.








Burundi is an absolutely beautiful country filled with amazing people. The people there work hard at improving their country and strengthening their communities. The Glow Campaign is really happy to be able to come alongside them and help in this way.

Things will be a bit quiet around here for the month of July. We will be traveling with our families for a bit, swimming, eating too many snow cones… you know. Summer stuff.

But don’t you worry guys. We will be back in August. We promise.

Have a good rest of the summer and THANK YOU again for supporting us!


Ana and Sophie


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