About Us

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Hey there! We are Ana and Sophie. Two seven year olds in Texas who are committed to helping improve the future of kids around the world. One day in school this past year, our teacher told us about children in Chile who were living in poverty. You could say that is where it all started.

We spent recess and snack times scheming and planning about how we could help them out. Turns out there are lots of issues that kids all over the world face. Stuff like poverty, poor health care, lack of access to clean water, limited education, food insecurity…gosh, all sorts of problems.

One afternoon when our moms came to pick us up from school, we told them our big news. We want to start a charity to help other kids!  So what if we are small? Little kids can make a big difference!

The Glow Campaign launched summer of 2014. Our goal is to pick projects a few times a year that will help provide solutions to some of these problems. The Glow Campaign will fundraise and bring awareness to these issues. And hopefully create brighter futures for other kids.

Want to be a member of the Glow Crew? We’d love to have you!!!

Donate here —> The Glow Campaign on Go Fund Me

Follow us here —> twitter @theglowcampaign

instagram @theglowcampaign


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