Haiti Transformed – Our Spring 2015 Project



Hey there, friends!

We’ve set our sights on a new project for this spring that we are thrilled to share with you!

In January of 2010, an earthquake devastated the beautiful country of Haiti. Since then, Haitians have been rebuilding homes, schools, clinics…entire villages. Their story of resilience and hope is incredible. We have had the privilege of getting connected with a group called Haiti Transformed that has spent the last 5 years helping the restoration process move forward in an area called Leogane.


photo : Timothy Fadek/ Polaris for TIme

Part of this process has including the building of a grade school. Something we love about this work is that the people of Leogane are being empowered to build their own kind of school: not necessarily what a child in another country would expect out of a school, but a school perfectly fit for Haitian children. This project has employed men and women in Haiti and also brought the vital service of education to this village.


The exciting thing for us is that we have been invited to play a part in this beautiful journey! This spring, the Glow Campaign is raising $5,000 to fund a classroom in Leogane, Haiti.

You read that correctly. $5,000. That seems like a lot of money for kids to raise. But kids helping kids is a powerful idea & we really think it can happen.

Over the next few months, you’ll be hearing about projects that you can be a part of to be part of this project: we really need your help!

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation online, you can give through our GoFundMe page.

Thanks for being a part of helping create a brighter future for kids with the Glow Campaign!

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Meet the Moms!


Luci Hoppe – Ana’s mom (left) and Liz Griffin – Sophie’s mom (right)


Hi there! 

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Liz and Luci. Our girls are the founders of the Glow Campaign. This space is usually used by the girls, but we thought it might be a good idea for you to get to hear from the moms today!

Ana and Sophie came home from school one day last spring with a vision to create a charity that would help kids around the world. Of course, we loved their heart in it. But we also figured that this would probably a fleeting interest as are most ideas seven-year olds have.

We decided that we would have a meeting to talk about their charity and it became apparent during that first time together that these girls meant business. They were talking office space, future projects, marketing strategies. After letting them down easy that they wouldn’t be getting an office, we scheduled some follow-up meetings to talk through their goals for the Glow Campaign.

Now we are several projects in and our Glow meetings are getting pretty regular. It’s quite the scene. The girls and us sitting at the dining room table trying to have a “business” meeting with the little siblings playing underfoot. It is crazy, chaotic, but we’ve got to admit. It’s pretty fun too.

Our schedules don’t really have space to run a charity, but we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to help our girls learn about business, leadership, finances, team work and most of all how to make a difference in the world.

Thankfully, we had some experience to pull from. Luci has her masters in social work and Liz has experience working in the non-profit sector. Even though we are here to guide the girls and help them make the decisions, we gotta be honest. This is Ana and Sophie’s project. They are hands-on 100%.

As it has grown, we are hearing from more and more parents who want their kids to be involved in community service and social justice issues. But, it is a hard thing to do. Most families don’t have lots of time or money to contribute. It can feel overwhelming to try to make a difference. Also, some of the topics are heavy and can be hard to explain in a kid-friendly way.

Hopefully that is where The Glow Campaign can help you. Our heart is to help Sophie & Ana mobilize other kids to join in with us. And that means getting the parents involved.

We started the Glow Crew to make it easier for you as a parent to get your kids involved. Glow Crew members will get a monthly email with their “Secret Mission” for that month. The objective is that this would be a vehicle for you as the parent to talk to your kid about whatever issue the secret mission revolves around.

For example, if the mission is to write an encouraging note to a classmate then you have an opportunity to talk to them about bullying and how they can help combat it by being encouraging and inclusive.

As moms, we want to make sure not to introduce anything scary or too heavy to our kids. Together we vet all projects and ideas to make sure that everything gets communicated in an age appropriate way.

We have also set up a Facebook page just for parents. We’d love for you to join and follow along with us there!

Want to sign your kids up for Glow Crew? —> click here

Feel like following alone on our Glow Campaign: Parents’ Edition? —> click here

We are really excited about some of the ideas Sophie & Ana have up their sleeves and can’t wait for them to roll out over the next few months. Thanks so much for getting your kids involved and if you ever have any questions or ideas, shoot us an email at theglowcampaign@gmail.com.

Looking forward to raising world changers together!


                                                                           Liz & Luci


Duffel Bag Drive

We are BACK!!! 

Our box at Arrow Child & Family Ministries

Our box at Arrow Child & Family Ministries

 Are you sitting down? Because we have some exciting news. There are TWO big things we want you to know.

First, you can become a member of the Glow Crew and get fun stuff like secret missions every month. It’s pretty much the bees knees if you ask us. Too many fun details to share right here, so click on the link at the bottom of this post to learn more.

Second, we are kicking off our Duffel Drive. For the month of September, we are partnering with Arrow Child & Family Ministries to collect duffel bags for kids in foster care.

What is foster care? Basically, for a lot of reasons, some kids are not able to live with their parents and they go and live with another family for a little bit. Some foster kids end up moving around a lot. And you know what? They usually don’t have a bag to put their clothes, stuffed animals or toothbrushes in when they move.

Life is hard enough for these kids and we think they deserve a bag of their own to pack their belongings in.

If you live in Waco, you can drop off a duffel bag in the Glow Box here:

Arrow Child & Family Ministries

1101 Wooded Acres (behind Chipotle)

Do you live somewhere else?

No problem! Every town has agencies that work with kids in foster care. You can contact your local CPS to find out who is in your area.

When you buy a duffel or drop it off, go ahead and post it on social media! Tag us using the hashtag #theglowcampaign.

Spread the word around your school, office or church. Let’s try to show these kids how much we believe in and support them.

Shoot us an email if you have any questions – theglowcampaign@gmail.com


Sophie & Ana

Don’t forget to join the Glow Crew!!! Click here for more info.

Thank You!!!



Wowzers! You guys are amazing. Just a few days ago we launched our first project – raising money to purchase medical supplies for orphanages in Burundi. And guess what??? Within 48 hours we met and exceeded our goal of $500.

Thanks to all you who gave and shared our project on social media, we will be sending a check to International Child Foundation for $550. They are the agency who is taking a team of doctors this fall into Burundi to evaluate children living in shelters.

In a nation like Burundi, that money will go a long way. Do you like pictures? We love pictures. Here are a few of Burundi so you can see what it is like there.








Burundi is an absolutely beautiful country filled with amazing people. The people there work hard at improving their country and strengthening their communities. The Glow Campaign is really happy to be able to come alongside them and help in this way.

Things will be a bit quiet around here for the month of July. We will be traveling with our families for a bit, swimming, eating too many snow cones… you know. Summer stuff.

But don’t you worry guys. We will be back in August. We promise.

Have a good rest of the summer and THANK YOU again for supporting us!


Ana and Sophie

Meet The Glow Campaign

Hey there! We are two friends who have decided to start a charity to help brighten the future of kids around the world. You can get the full scoop here, but we can sum it up for you. Two girls + one desire to help = The Glow Campaign! 


a Glow Campaign meeting

Several times a year we will pick a new project to help raise funds and awareness for. This summer…we are setting our sights on Africa! Our Summer 2014 project is raising funds for medical supplies for orphanages in Burundi.

Burundi is a small nation in central Africa. Currently there are about 610,000 orphans living in Burundi. According to the WHO, about 1 in 10 children there will die before their 10th birthday. Turns out a lot of kids around the world die from causes that are preventable. This fall there is a team of doctors going to shelters in Burundi to provide medical examinations and care for these kids.

Our goal is to raise $500 to help purchase medical supplies for the shelters. You know. Bandaids, medicine and stuff.

Unfortunately, our allowance money doesn’t quite cover that so we need your help. Would you consider donating to our campaign and helping us give the gift of health care to kids in Burundi?

Donate here —-> The Glow Campaign on Go Fund Me

Ask questions here —>  theglowcampaign@gmail.com

Follow us here —> twitter: @theglowcampaign

instagram: @theglowcampaign

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